Year 6 PYP Exhibition

Last week our Year 6 students had their PYPX exhibition evening and we couldn't be more proud of them!

Last week our Year 6 students had their PYPX exhibition evening. Since late Term 3, the Year 6s have been working extremely hard on their own inquiries. All their work fell under the central idea of “Individuals and groups inspire actions or changes to solve problems” and their lines of inquiry were
• A problem needing to be solved
• A changemaker trying to solve problem
• Myself as a change maker
With this in mind, the students were able to inquire into a topic of interest to them, find a problem within that space, and then work on creating an action that would help solve the problem.
For their action, some students made personal pledges such as to only purchase sustainably farmed fish, or to only wear clothing from companies that recycle materials. Other students decided to help educate the public for their action such as sharing the links between nutrition and mental health, or by creating models that demonstrated the effects of climate change on coral. Finally, many of our students also set up donations for various important causes such as World Wildlife Foundation to help prevent deforestation.
The whole school is so proud of our Year 6 students, and we were all so grateful for the opportunity to see their incredible work.

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