Term 3 Week 10

Acknowledgement of Country

We acknowledge the traditional Aboriginal custodians of the lands, waterways and skies of the Bunurong Peoples of the Kulin Nation where we gather, learn and grow at Aspendale Primary School.

We pay our respects to past and present Traditional Custodians and Elders of all nations,  and their ongoing cultural, spiritual and educational practices.  

We extend this respect to all Torres Strait Islanders and any First Nations peoples who learn or visit these grounds. We thank you for sharing and caring for the land we are learning on.

New version of the Acknowedgement of Country
Above is an updated Acknowledgment of Country that has been written in consultation with staff, students and members of our community. We recieved positive feedback and approval from our friends at the Bunurong Land Council in 2023. 

Important Dates

Important dates:
Event Dates
Whole School Photo day22 April
ANZAC Day - Public Holiday- No school25 April
Year 5 Parliment House incusion29 April
Year 3 excursion: Cranbourne Botanical Gardens 
Year 6 excursion: China Town 
1 May
Year 6 excursion: ANZAC Day Commemoration 7 May
Year 2 incursion: Chelsea Historical Society8 May
Chelsea District Cross Country10 May
Year 4 Camp Rumbug15-17 May
Year 6 Camp Waratah Beach22-24 May
Reconciliation WeekMay 27 - June 3

From the Assistant Principal Term 3 Week 10

The clouds have slowly dispersed to allow the spring sun to shine down on us this week. We have had a fantastically busy Term, with each week delivering new successes, learnings and triumphs.

Over the Term we have had:

- students attending four camps,

- celebrations for NAIDOC week, book week, science week and father’s and special friends’ afternoon,

- numerous beach patrols,

- incursions and excursions,

- Foundation students celebrating 100 days of School

- Year 5 and 6 Musical Production,

- two rounds of continuous reports,

- several sporting events, where students achieved personal bests and outstanding team efforts,

- the annual Footy Day parade, coin line and rotational activities. (Read the SRC report a little later in the newsletter)

The highlight of this Term for me has been watching our students engage passionately with their learning through the vast variety of curricula and extra curricula activities. There certainly has been something for everybody this Term!

On Tuesday, we practiced an off-site evacuation drill to Glen Street oval. Thank you to all the staff and students for undertaking this practice in such a calm manner.

Last week a group of 31 Year 5 students participated in a day of Positive Leadership and Activated Youth (PLAY) training. Sally and Scott from Resilient Youth facilitated the day through a range of games, identifying leadership qualities and strategies for managing groups of children participating in games.  The Play leaders then got to test out their skills and put the games into action with some Year 2 students. The Year 2 students had a great time playing the games and look forward to the play leaders running games during lunch times. Listening to the year 5 students reflect on their day was impressive. Some students spoke about starting the day with a lack of confidence, but then finding their feet throughout the day and taking on the challenge of running a game with younger peers. Others spoke about the initiative they used throughout the games afternoon, when things weren’t going to plan and how they had to change things quickly to make it work. I look forward to seeing this continue throughout Term 4 and into next year. Great work Play Leaders!

After a wash out last week, our strong District Athletics team competed on Tuesday at Ballam Park. From all accounts, our students did us proud by demonstrating characteristics of great athletes. Congratulations to all students for giving it their best, for achieving personal bests and those that progress through to the Division Athletics event in October. Thank you to Ms Scott and Ms Hale for the training sessions and for supporting our athletes.

I would like to say a big thank you and congratulations to our SRC and year 6 students for successfully planning and running the Footy Day parade, coin line and activities. Additionally, thank you to Peta and the number of volunteers for putting on the footy day lunch and to Mrs Jones, Ms Scott, Mr McHaffie and the Year Six teachers for assisting with the organisation of footy day.

Yesterday, the second round of continuous reports for Term 3 were published to Sentral. This round included descriptions and comments from class and specialist teachers. You can access the reports through Sentral by clicking on the students’ photo, then selecting academic reports.

A reminder that we will finish at 2:30pm this Friday ahead of the holidays.

I hope that the holidays bring you the perfect mix of fun and relaxation. See you all in Term 4 – Monday 4th October.

Footy Day for State Schools' Relief

A reflection from the Year 6 SRC Community Leaders:

What a a great day yesterday was! The weather was amazing and everyone was so excited and it looked like everyone was having an amazing time. It is lovely to see so many people enjoy how the day played out. 


The SRC leadership group has been learning about State Schools’ Relief and how it raises money for students that need extra help- they might buy uniforms, book supplies or help out with school programs. It is very important! So it was really cool that we got to raise money for them.

Thank you to everyone who dressed up, gave a donation or got into the spirit of the day.


It was pretty cool that the Year 6's got to design and run our own activities.

Our advice for the SRC teams next year is that the whole day is really fun…even if you are in Year 6 and its a bit nerve wracking, please still have a go! It is lots of fun! It was our first time running the event. For the past 6 years, we have been the ones enjoying the day, and today we got to run it!

Thanks again Aspendale,
Jacob & Ebony Rose & Georgia 



District Athletics


PYPX  Reflection Fun times

While Exhibition is over, many of our students have taken the time to reflect on their PYPX Learning Journey. This is a very important part of the process because many students originally thought that PYPX was really about the Exhibition night. We have worked hard for students to understand that it is more about the process of creating their own inquiry, unpacking questions, researching, creating something, presenting and then reflecting!
Below are a sample of their reflections. Canva is very popular in Year 6 at the moment, so you will see many of our reflections have been created there.

Term 4 Week 7
And that's a wrap!

And just like that, PYPX is over. The Year 6s put on such an incredible event on Tuesday evening, showcasing their awesome work that they had been completeling over the past two months. There work was viewed by many the Year 6 parents and carers along with other members of the Aspendale community . We are very grateful for all of the support the Year 6s received from their Aspendale PS mentors, families at home and experts members of the greater community.

Student Reflection: Jett & Liv

This week was exhibition week, which means Year 6’s eight weeks of PYPX have almost come to an end. It has been a great journey and also a hard one, at times! 

On Tuesday night we had our final exhibition to the parents, carers, family and friends of our community. It has been a great 8 weeks of working hard to reach our final goal of spreading awareness of our or trying to solve our issues. Our research has been full of interesting facts, like how the FIFA Women’s World Cup prize money is 4 times less than the Men’s. We also all took an action which could be writing an email, raising money for charities related to our issues. I emailed 5 A-league clubs (Melbourne City, Melbourne Victory, Sydney FC, Perth Glory and Brisbane Roar) as well as the Matildas but unfortunately no one responded. Some of us also created interactive games for the students seeing our projects. I made a mini penalty shootout game against Matildas goalkeeper Mackenzie Arnold. On behalf of Year 6 I would like to thank all the teachers around the school for helping us and being our mentors, the school community for supporting us and most of all the Year 6 teachers who were with us every step of the way. This was an awesome experience and we are all very proud of ourselves.

We all started with an idea and hope that we could change a problem in that category. Most of us tried to raise awareness of our problem and did a great job. We all got people that were interested in our problems coming up to our stands looking at our information and learning new things. Some people had more than others but we all still raised awareness. I know I had heaps of fun preparing and setting up for my exhibition and I hope everyone else did as well. For my action Hugo and I asked a few Year three girls if they would like to play a game  of basketball in the hall. Surprisingly lots of them were interested and they had fun playing a game of basketball. The next week we asked if they would like to play a game of footy- this time, there was only three who were interested in playing. Advice, I would give to Year 5s? Make some of your presentation interactive to attract people. And to also make the words you use as simple as possible.

Term 4 Week 6

The countdown is well and truely on! We have 2 more days to set up our displays before it all begins.

"Creative chaos" is the best way to describe the Year 6 spaces at the moment...

We are in build/ develop/ cut/ print and put together mode. The teachers favourite questions are 'Excuse me...can you just print this for me?' 'Is their a spare table I could use?' 'What do you think about this?'

On Monday and Tuesday next week, we are looking forward to showing our school community - and other schools all the learning that we have been doing for the past 8 weeks. 

On Tuesday night from 5.30 -7.30 families will be invited in for the official, PYPX Exhibition night. 

The Year 6 teachers are very impressed by the students marathon commitment to their displays. It is really challenging to stay on task for so long and now that the end is in sight - we are all a mix of excitement and nerves! Thank you for all those who have supported us so far. We only have 5 more days!!!!

Term 4 Week 5 student blog

Term 4 Week 5 student blog - By Ivy & Jack

Hi, we are Jack and Ivy and the issues we are looking at are Fast Fashion and ADHD awareness. 

This week we are getting ready for the PYPX exhibition. It has been a bit chaotic in the classroom with everyone making their posters, graphs, diagrams and their projects. I have been emailing some NGO (Non-governmental organisations) that are facing a problem or an issue about fast fashion. I have also emailed Reliable Uniforms about what they’re doing to make their clothes sustainable and to help the environment.


This week we had 4 guest speakers!!! We started with Amanda Dudley who came in and taught us about psychology and the different types of health (mental, physical ect) and talked about the 6 pillars of wellbeing that includes things like exercise, relationships, body needs/ biological etc. 

We also had a visit from our old Assistant Principal Mrs Regester who now works at the Resilience Project. She came in with her colleague Elias and they spoke to us about G.E.M.EL (Gratitude, Empathy, Mindfulness and Emotional Literacy).

Emma Bowd came in to tell us about her journey to becoming an Author. She began by writing books for adults and it wasn’t until she visited her children’s classroom as a helper that she decided she loved working with children and writing stories for children. She now writes a lot of children's books and some chapter books as well. We have a couple of her stories in our school library as well! ‘Wonderful Shoes’ and ‘The day you were born’.  

We also have our last guest speaker coming in tomorrow, such a busy time in Year 6! A massive shout out to our special guest speakers for taking time out of their busy lives to come and chat with us, we truly appreciate it.  

Term 4 Week 4 student blog

Term 4 Week 4 student blog - By Jett & Hugo

Hi, we are Jett and Hugo. We are both researching similar issues for our PYPX project, ‘inequality and pay rate differences compared between male and females in sports both basketball and AFL.’ As part of our action we decided to run some lunchtime clubs for the Year 3 girls to raise awareness for women's sports and its population. We started on Tuesday this week and played basketball, we ran some warm ups and finished with a basketball game. Next week we will run a footy skills session and play a footy game. The following week the year 3’s will vote if they want to play another footy game or another basketball game. 

This week we had a guest speaker come in, his name was Paul Zappa he spoke to us about Respectful Relationships. We learnt a lot from him, he told us about his journey and experiences he has worked through with experiencing depression and anxiety. He taught us about how to identify if someone has something going on in their life and if they might need some help a really simple thing you can do is ask ‘Are you ok?’ He also taught us how to have some good habits to calm down and other strategies we can use. 

We are also now half way through our research and at the thinking stage before our big exhibition. We have almost finished researching, so now we’re up to thinking about what we’re going to show at our exhibition and how we are going to share our learning journey with the community.

We have had meetings with different teachers outside of our year level. They are called our mentors so if you see a big scary year six in your classroom, don't be worried we are probably just having a meeting with your teacher. 

We have all chosen a change maker we would like to research about. The change maker I chose most people do not know but he is important to my sister. His name is Geoff Lachlan, he started the first Edi Asp Under 8s Footy team, and convinced some other clubs to get under 8 teams as well. 

Thank you for reading our PYPX Blog and we hope you enjoyed hearing what we have done this week to improve our projects. Bye!!

Written by Jett and Hugo.

There is no doubt Year 6 students have been hard at it this week. There were a few lightbulb moments and Ms Fletcher, Mr Powell and I really enjoyed witnessing our students taking advantage of all the opportunities they have been given and embracing this journey. One of my favourite moments was reflecting on how far we have come. 

Questions included:

  • What is the hardest part? 
  • What is the coolest thing you have learnt this week? 
  • What is the best part? 
  • What is advice I would give to someone who was yet to begin?

Students were keen to share their highlights, and cool facts with the group. Many students, able to explain lots of challenges but also amazing experiences. Next week we look forward to planning out ideas for exhibition and more guest speakers. Huge thanks to Paul Zappa who gave up his time to come and talk with our Year 6 students.

Term 4 Week 3 student blog

Hi we are Milly, Milla, Rose & Ky, 4 students from 6P. We hope you enjoy reading about what we have done so far this week!

This week was an exciting week for PYPX! We started off with two full blocks of PYPX on Monday, then one full block on Tuesday, and a full block on Wednesday! On Monday we chose our Learner Profile Attributes (LPA’s) and then designed a card saying what the LPA was and a picture that represents the LPA. For our task before that we did an activity where we were given a job and we had to choose which 3 LPA’s would be the best. On Monday we also filled in a cheat sheet that we can use to help guide us when we meet with our mentors. 

This week most of the Year Sixes have met or are meeting with their mentors. Our mentors help to guide us through our PYPX journey so that we can be the most successful possible.

On Thursday our expert speaker, Miss Fletcher, will be talking to us about history.

We hope that you enjoyed reading our update about PYPX and look forward to reading next week's update.

Written and designed by Milly O’Donnell, Milla Youngs, Rose Stokes, and Ky Perkin!

Special thanks to Miss Fletcher for presenting to us to help with our PYPX!

Term 4 Week 2 student blog

Hi, we are Jas, Holly, Keita and Amelia, Year Six students from 6M. We are here to tell you what we have learnt and done this week for our PYPX. We hope you enjoy reading about what we have done this week!

We have had two guest speakers this week to show us what they are passionate about and what they do to help give us ideas on what we might want to focus on for our inquiry projects. 

On Tuesday we had our first guest speaker, Samantha Vella, an Artist and Teacher. She showed us her art work and told us her journey through becoming an artist. Since then she has had an exhibition and sells her work online. Our second guest visited us on Wednesday and her name is Emily Bourke. She is a teacher at APS who has a therapy dog named Dave that she brings to school. She explained to us how she got Dave and how having a therapy dog reduces stress and boosts joy. Did you know that when you see a dog it can lower the stress hormone cortisol and increase serotonin levels! This happens even when you see a picture of a dog. 


This week for our task we have been looking at the Key Concepts. With this task we had to look through each lens of the key concepts eg form, function, connection and many more. Everyone focused on their personal issue and looked at it from a different lens, asking questions around their issue so that later on in our PYPX we have more questions to answer and research to unpack!

For our PYPX we have been given a checklist to guide us each week and this week on our checklist we have: 

  • Check in with your coach, (discuss what you have done or what you want to get done this week)
  • Respond to the weekly prompt also known as your blog. 
  • Email your mentor to book a time to meet (your mentor is a teacher in the school who helps with research and someone who is an expert on a particular topic. 
  • Create a bibliography to show where all of our research came from. 
  • Write an email to our mentor to schedule and organize times to meet and check in. 
  • Post on our Google site and Padlet to keep that updated with our blog for each week and the Key Concepts. 

This week all of the year 6’s started to research for their PYPX. We are all researching a variety of issues for lots of different topics including Ocean pollution, Fast fashion, Animal testing and Mental health. Most of our research has been based around our Sentence of intent which is a sentence that represents your goals and what direction you intend for your PYPX to go in.

Written by Jasmine Reid, Holly Savic, Keita Rogers and Amelia Young. Thanks for reading and also a big thank you to Emily Bourke and Samantha Vella for coming in to share their stories with us! 

This week, we have also be concentrating on our 'form' questions- our 'what is it like?' questions and targeting specific websites that help us gather information. 
When asked the usual suspects of Kids Britannica , KidsNews and National Geographic for Kids are the favoured websites. But, overall, our go to for research this week is..... BTN. 

Term 4 Week 1
Do you know why faces can't be remembered? (Meg) Or can we bring back some dinosaurs and animals that are extinct? (Oscar) What about how much of the ocean is unexplored?(Lucas M) 

What about how will and has artificial intelligence changed our lives? (Kai)  Why do humans blink? (Georgia) Can you predict the next 50 to 100 years? (Woody) Do you know why our bodies adapt or how do our brains receive signals from our body?(Matilda)

The Year 6 students had the chance to ask Dr Karl
Kruszelnicki all these questions on Wednesday. Our students were impressed by Dr Karl’s knowledge about so many different topics. It was a great way to see someone so passionate about learning!  

Some of the other questions were: 

How have humans evolved? (Charlotte R) Why do some animals lay eggs? (Harvey) What was the first creature created and how? (Jett) If our earth and oceans and lands are always moving and changing and how countries were all split apart. Can this happen again in our future?(Ella R) How does Hawking Radiation escape a black hole? (Jayden M) What happens to water when the tide is high and low? (Milla) What made you want to be a scientist? (Lucas) How can most bugs climb up walls or vertical surfaces? (Tilly) What is the first country to be discovered and where was it? (Finnegan.)  

Week 1  has really  been about organising; our sites, our padlets, our ideas and our checklists! 

Students have been unpacking our loosely held ideas and talking/ clarifying our inquiries. We have found out who our coaches are (Year 6 teachers). Unpacked the  transdisciplinary themes and decided which one matches up with our ideas. The next steps include writing a sentence of intent which means that our students are clarifying their ideas, if you ask a Year 6 Student next week ‘what is your PYPX project?’ they will be able to give you a one sentence answer .

Student Blog Entry   Week 1

Hello! We are Olivia and Emily, two Year Six students and we are here to tell you about our week so far. As you may know we have started our PYPX journey to Exhibition in 8 weeks. 

On Monday we planned and asked questions about PYPX and we discovered that we have a coach and mentor. Our coach is a Year 6 teacher and our mentor is any teacher around the school. We were so excited that Ms Fletcher had to put the timer on - lucky we didn't stay in. We also got to put in our preference for coaches and we found this out on Tuesday.

On Tuesday, we looked at the transdisciplinary themes we have learned throughout Primary School. Each inquiry we do has a transdisciplinary theme and so we get to choose our own for our PYPX. I (Emily)chose to do an inquiry within the Sharing the Planet and I (Liv), have chosen to do a Where we are in place and time inquiry.  After a long anticipated day we finally discovered our Coaches and everyone was excited. 

On Wednesday, we met with Dr Karl on video call. Some lucky Year 6 students got to ask Dr Karl questions like:Why do we have to blink? And How do we get allergies? These were amazing questions and Dr Karl answered them magnificently. We also did our want to know and what I know and what I need to know.  

On Thursday we checked some things off of our checklist which include: Create a padlet for our PYPX journey and post on our google sites. On Friday, we will write our sentence of intent- which will be a sentence that explains to anyone who asks, What our inquiry is about. It is also a sentence  for our perspective Mentors to read to decide which students they would like to mentor. 

We hope you enjoyed reading this, And hope you are looking forward to next week’s update! 

Written by and designed by Oliva McAuliffe and Emily Northey

Special thanks to Dr Karl for letting us interview him.

Term 3 Week 10

Year 6 students have been asked all year to hold their ideas for PYPX lightly. Holding our ideas lightly has allowed us to hear different ideas, reflect on the news and be open minded to different perspectives, as the year has progressed.

This week, we have formalised the start of our PYPX learning journey. Today, our provocations are related to unpacking key concepts, exploring issues within topics and brainstorming our ‘ideas’ less lightly. By the end of our first week back, our Year 6 students will have chosen their issues and we will be locking in their teacher mentors. 

Over the next 8 weeks, our Year 6 students will be embarking on a PYPX learning journey. It is a time that culminates in  our Year 6 PYP Exhibition. It is a time where our Year 6 students independently tackle an inquiry into an issue and/or solve a problem that exists today, they apply all the knowledge from their PYP experience- whether it be seven years from when they began in Foundation or more recently, when they arrived at APS. It is a celebration of the amazing skills and passion they show about an issue.

We hope to update this blog twic a week, with a teacher entry and student feedback. Watch this space! 

Marine Ambassador Workshop

Year 3 Update Term 3 Week 10

What a glorious week it has been out there! Sunshine, warmth and the notion that holidays are just a sniff away only makes it all the more wonderful.
Not only did we all have an amazing day and lots of fun on Footy Day, but we began our week with Beach Patrol. Thanks to our lovely parent helpers for coming along to assist. 
Our Year 3 competitive streak kicked in and our students were determined to win the 'Most Rubbish Picked up by a Year Level' competition! Each year level will have their rubbish from Beach Patrol weighed and a winning year level will be announced next term.
We found tonnes of nurdles (tiny plastics), straws, cigarette butts and even a washed-up fridge.  We're pretty confident of a Year 3 win!

Thier Care Holiday Program

Premiers' Reading Challenge

Congratulations to this year's Premiers' Reading Challenge participants!

Eagles Footy Camp

State Schools Relief

Berry Street Foster Care

All Abilities Soccer

Have a happy Rosh Hashanah