Term 4 Week 11

Acknowledgement of Country

We acknowledge the traditional Aboriginal custodians of the lands, waterways and skies of the Bunurong Peoples of the Kulin Nation where we gather, learn and grow at Aspendale Primary School.

We pay our respects to past and present Traditional Custodians and Elders of all nations,  and their ongoing cultural, spiritual and educational practices.  

We extend this respect to all Torres Strait Islanders and any First Nations peoples who learn or visit these grounds. We thank you for sharing and caring for the land we are learning on.

New version of the Acknowedgement of Country
Above is an updated Acknowledgment of Country that has been written in consultation with staff, students and members of our community. We recieved positive feedback and approval from our friends at the Bunurong Land Council in 2023. 

Important Dates

Important dates:
Event Dates
Whole School Photo day22 April
ANZAC Day - Public Holiday- No school25 April
Year 5 Parliment House incusion29 April
Year 3 excursion: Cranbourne Botanical Gardens 
Year 6 excursion: China Town 
1 May
Year 6 excursion: ANZAC Day Commemoration 7 May
Year 2 incursion: Chelsea Historical Society8 May
Chelsea District Cross Country10 May
Year 4 Camp Rumbug15-17 May
Year 6 Camp Waratah Beach22-24 May
Reconciliation WeekMay 27 - June 3

From the Acting Principal Term 4 Week 11

Dear parents and carers,

It’s that time of the year again, our final newsletter. On behalf of our school community, it is a terrific opportunity to express our gratitude to the staff and volunteers who work together each day to provide our children with the wonderful learning opportunities they enjoy.

To our teaching staff, thank you for the professionalism, dedication and kindness you demonstrate every day.

To our Education Support admin staff, thank you for the friendly way you go about your work in our school office, keeping our school organised whilst helping staff, students and families with their various needs.

To our Education Support classroom staff, thank you for the connections you build with students across the school, the support you offer their families and your engagement with our teaching and learning programs.

Thank you to Bill Wong, our IT technician. You always save the day for us on Tuesdays and Thursdays and your calmness when faced with our tech concerns is always appreciated.

Thank you to Peta Forward, our Canteen Manager, for your dedication and organisation. Our students enjoy Thursdays and Fridays and the opportunity to enjoy a yummy lunch. Thank you also to our volunteers for your commitment to our canteen. We greatly appreciate all of your time and friendly faces.

Thank you to our school crossing supervisor, Charles Stewart, for the way you greet and farewell our students each day, making sure they can head home safely.

Thank you to Lisa Webber for running the Peaceful Kids program this year. We have appreciated the work you have done with students across the school. We wish you well with your next adventure.

To our School Council and members of our sub-committees, thank you for your time and expertise throughout the year. We appreciate your time, your ideas and your support of our school and the community.

I’d like to say a special thank you to our School Council President, Kevin Riant. In his time at our school, Kevin has been a member of the Finance, Buildings & Grounds and Education sub-committees, as well as being our Treasurer for two years and President for the past five years. He has been on two School Review panels and has always challenged us to keep improving the school whilst being very supportive of all the work we do.

To all of our parent and carer community, thanks for your ongoing support of our school. We appreciate the different ways you contribute to each child’s learning, including supporting your child at home, volunteering in the classroom, on excursions, in the library or garden and in other various ways.

Year Six Graduation

Last night we had the opportunity to celebrate our Year Six students and their time at our school with their families. It was wonderful to spend the evening sharing memories and acknowledging the caring young people who are embarking on their next adventure. Thank you to our Year Six teaching team, Jack Powell, Leah Macdonald and Cait Fletcher for their organisation of the evening. Thanks to staff and parents who helped prepare the evening, especially Dana Meyer for the stage decorations, Laura Curnow for the graduation biscuits and Carla Youngs for the dinner set up.

We look forward to celebrating our Year Six students with our student community at our final assembly on Wednesday. This will begin at 12:40 with an early dismissal at 1:30.

Exiting Families

At Graduation we farewelled the following families. We thanked them for the various ways they have contributed to our school community, including serving on School Council, on sub-committees, volunteering in the canteen, our vegetable garden, our school library, on excursions, in the classroom, as class-parent representatives, at working bees, at election day barbeques and in many other ways.

The Bennett family

The Lakeland family

The Rogers family

The Boardman family

The Laughlin family

The Rokvic family

The Chen family

The Macdonald family

The Ryan family

The Chapman family

The Matthews family

The Savic family

The Clarke family

The McAuliffe family

The Seeary family

The Collison family

The McIver family

The Skinner family

The Cosic family

The McDowell family

The Sparks family

The Curnow family

The Meure family

The Stokes family

The De La Cruz family

The Mills family

The Swan family

The Durey family

The Mitchell family

The Taylor family

The Dutton family

The Mounter family

The Trace family

The Edwards family

The Mouthe-Santos family

The Wainwright family

The Follett family

The O’Donnell family

The Walder family

The Fletcher family

The Overton family

The Woodhouse family

The Harvey family

The Perkin family

The Wu family

The Hosking family

The Riant family

The Young family

The Kacper family

The Read family



2024 Student Leaders

Last Wednesday I had the privilege of meeting with our current Year Five students and announcing the leadership positions for 2024. We commended each child for the self-reflection they have done in their leadership applications and the way they have supported each other in the process. Further in the newsletter you will find a full list of our leaders for 2024.

Carols reminder

A reminder that our Carols assembly will take place in the courtyard tomorrow afternoon. We will start at 2:20, allowing us to present our 2024 school and House captains to the school community and award our certificates from last week.

Staffing Plan for 2024

Further in the newsletter I have shared our staffing structure for 2024. Our students will spend time with their 2024 classroom teacher and 2024 class tomorrow morning.

Last week we farwelled our staff who are moving on or taking a career break in 2024. This week John McHaffie has accepted a position at Seaford North PS. I would like to say thank you to John on behalf of the school community for the seven years he has worked at our school, as a classroom teacher and this year establishing our STEM specialist subject. We will update the community when we have appointed a replacement.

2024 Curriculum Days

Next year, we have had two curriculum days approved by School Council for Term One. The first one is the 29th of January. Students in Years 1-6 will return to school on the 30th of January with our Foundation students starting on the 2nd of February.

The 12th of March will also be a curriculum day. Our staff will work with the Primary English Teachers Association of Australia to further our understanding of how students learn to read.

TheirCare will offer a program on the 29th of January and the 12th of March.

A Personal Thank You

Coby Larrieu returns as our Prinicipal from long service leave at the beginning of next year. I will return to my role as Assistant Principal.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the school community for your support during my time as Acting Principal this year. Thank you to Amelia Busuttil, our Assistant Principal, our School Improvement Team, our staff and our School Council for your regular feedback and counsel over my time. It has been a privilege working with the school community with the aim of continuing to provide an engaging, welcoming learning environment for all of our students.

I hope you all have a restful and enjoyable summer holiday, spending time with the people who bring you joy. I look forward to working with you again in 2024,


2024 Teacher Structure

It is with excitement that I share with our school community our staffing structure for 2024. As mentioned, our students will spend time with their 2024 classroom teacher and with their 2024 class tomorrow morning.


Two of our Year Four teachers aren’t able to attend tomorrow morning but will visit on Monday to meet their class and spend time working with them. Tomorrow, these classes will still spend time together with a current member of our teaching team.




Carla Youngs


Melissa McSweeney & Emily Bourke


Chloe Stubbs


Corey Grindley


Zoe Richards


Ruby Clohesy


Shey O’Brien


Neve Skillen


Caitlin Beer


Matt Bird


Georgia Bourke


Leanne Peterson


Luke Nisbet


Sarah Cornell


Lisa Phillips & Michelle Thompson


Leah Macdonald


Freeman Smith


Cait Fletcher


Laura Pearce


Trent Dowling


Emma Jones & Lina Pietrasik


Jess Wood


Jacqui Bladier

Physical Education

Katie Scott

Visual Arts

Natalie Tideman & Jude Hale

Performing Arts

Natalie Tideman & Stela Matthews

Chinese (Mandarin)

Hong Ma



Learning Enhancement

Michelle Thompson, Lina Pietrasik & Amy Gardiner


Principal: Coby Larrieu


Assistant Principals: Tom Pearce & Amelia Busuttil


Leading Teacher: Jess Johnston (Inclusion)


Learning Specialists: Melissa McSweeney (Literacy), Leanne Peterson (Wellbeing), Lisa Phillips (Numeracy)


Business Manager: Amelia Mastorakos


Office Adminstration: Judy Prosser & Amber Demmler


Inclusion Support: Tenille Northam, Jo Lovett, Mel Beech, Heidi Ellison, Santhi Paramasivam, Jo Backstrom, Kylie-Anne Freshwater, Sophie Conway, Dianna Baltas, Molly Kitchen, Morven Begg, Geordan Anagnosto and Melanie McCoy


2024 School Leaders and Captains

As mentioned earlier, last Wednesday we had the privilege of announcing to our 2023 Year Five students their leadership positions for 2024. Each student did a terrific job of reflecting on their qualities, preparing their application and supporting their peers.

Tomorrow we will introduce our school community to our School and House captains.

Next year we will present each student with their leadership badge at a Friday afternoon assembly. We will advise the community of this next year when we have a confirmed date.

School Captains

Edie Hill Bione

Warren Lac

Surina Morris

Angus Nevans

House Captains

Coolup (red)

Abigail Fairweather

Bailey Cipriano


Wooruk (green)

Ivy Schena

Joshua Bennett


Kurboroo (yellow)

Kobi Taylor

Jack Whelan


Bullum Bullum (blue)

Phoebe Webster

Kai Hasnat

STEM Leaders

Harper Leek

Kai Schmidt Ramsay

Harry Andrew

Ashley De Valle

Andrew Hude

Eli Cole

Jasper Gibson

Liam Johnston

Elod Tarjani Toth

Oliver Fisher

Hamish McIntosh

Visual Arts Leaders

Grace Roberts

Maddy Hobson

Ebony Jenkins

Gene Selzer

Hugo Boonyarungsrit

Hudson Macdonald

Performing Arts Leaders

Isabel Newton

Obi Thorne

Angus Dymond

Frankie Amos

Community Leaders

Harrison Rhind

Nash Murray

Sam Warren

Molly Leek

Bodhi Lowndes

Willow Kane

Adele Kerr

Willow Kane

Olivia Clark

Hannah Dawid

Library Leaders

Anna Heins

Emily Morel

Sean Giles

Harry Irlam

Emily Bennett

Marine Ambassadors

Harry Drummond

Sienna Kerr

Freja Benham

Tyler Petterson

Sophia Clavant

Harper Waddell

Chilli McLean

Environment Leaders

Josh Meunier

Cillian Lee Kirwan

Marriott Lea

Marlon Hemming

Luke Boult

Josh Willemsen

Ollie O’Brien

Sean Krummel

Sports Leaders

Charli Castle

Oliver Baker

Lucy Cronin

Tom Bennett

Media Leaders

Matilda Tarlinton

Lucy Everts

Louis Rutherford

Curtis Moor

Zac Segal

Gracie Lappen

Finn Marshall

Hayden Shovelar

Mali Ogris Shah

Keeley McMahon

Mandarin Leaders

Scarlett McHugh

Freya Niculescu

Isabella Nikitina

Willem Silver

PBL Leaders

Will Riley

Audrey Rockman

Rory Phillip

Evie Daley

Marcus Murray

Archie Taylor

Frankie Storey

Buddy Leaders

Jarrah McConchie

Riley Mill

Axel Patzold

Thomas Ziagas


Junior Showcases

Performing Arts Update

STEM Professionals in Schools Program

Christmas Singalong

Julia Low Singing Lessons

Thank you Garden Club 2023

Wednesday lunchtimes have been a highlight for many around the school. We pride ourselves on an inclusive Garden Club who plant, garden, EAT, de-snail and have lots of fun together. Everyone is welcome. This Wednesday, we have said goodbye to quite a few regulars as they head off to Secondary School.

We have also said the biggest thank you we can muster to Robyn, our parent helper. Robyn will be taking a bit of a step back next year but we hope she will visit a lot.

I have been lucky enough to have worked with Robyn for over two years of Wednesday lunchtimes now! I know she will be missed. 

Woody, in Year 6 has also put his heart and soul into the garden. It will be quite strange to not hear his announcements declaring "Garden club is now on for students in Year 3-6 in the veggie Garden." He has been a key member since Year 3.  Thank you so much for your help and enthusiasm Woody.

~ Cait Fletcher 

If anyone is interested in volunteering or helping keep our Garden Club running in another way, please let us know. Until next year, happy gardening!